pctures of sweet

Dessert and Cake

Various types of dessert is available
at restaurants in Japan.

Type of restaurant Typical available dessert
Japanese Fruit, Ice cream
French Mousse
Chinese Almond jelly
Japanese Noodle NA
Sushi NA
Steak house Sundae
Pizza Ice cream
Ramen NA
Italian Tiramisu
Family restaurant Fruit parfait
Eel restaurant NA

Following cakes can be purchased from confectionary stores.
You can eat similar cake at western restaurants, cake shops and coffee shops.
Of course, restaurants serve you ice cream, sherbet and apple pie etc,.

Short cake Chocolate Cake Mont Blanc
picture of straberry() or other fruits) sponge cake what we call a short cake. It has sponge pastry and topped with strawberries or other fruits and whipped cream. epicture of chocolate sponge cake covered with chocolate. image of the cake named Mont Blanc. the shape of the cake is similar to the Mont Blanc.
Strawberry Tart Raspberry Tart
picture of pastry cake topped with strawberries picture of pastry cake topped with razberries

Japanese Dessert

These dessert are not available at restaurants except Kammiten,specialized restaurant for only sweet.

Japanese dessert is based on red bean jam. We call it as An or Anko.

Mitsumame series
Mitsumame Cream Anmitsu
picture of Mitsumame, agar cubes, fruits, and sweeted syrup. pciture of anmitsu, boiled red beans, agar cubes, ice cream and sweeted syrup.
Japanese gelatin and fruit with syrup Vanilla Ice cream, Tsubu-an and
Japanese gelatin
Manjyu / Dango series
Anko Sakuramochi Kusamochi
Anko is made from Red bean.
Boil red beans add sugar into
them and mash them.

There are two types of Anko
Tsubushi-an just mashed
Koshi-an well mashed and
This an tastes more
smooth texture.
image of sakuramochi image of kusamochi
Kashiwamochi Ohagi Azuki Ohagi Goma
image of kashiwamochi image of ohagi image of ohagi with goma, sesami
image of dango
dumpling cake made of rice or
wheat flour

Then top one is coated with an.
Bottom one is coated sweetened
soy sauce

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