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What's new in Japan?
Saturday, 1 October 2005
Mood:  bright
Topic: Business


CEATEC JAPAN ( Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) is an international exhibition of the image, information, and the communication as the biggest scale in Asian.
It will be held from Oct 4 through Oct. 8, 2005 at Makuhari Messe.

If you have an interest in the high tech items, itis the show you should go.

Pre-registration is available.

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Posted by kanaday at 7:48 PM KDT
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Monday, 4 July 2005
Global Cellphone?
Mood:  blue
Topic: Business

Global Cellphone in Japan

If you are using global cellphone, you may think you can use it in Japan.
It is not true.

There are few cellphone can be used in Japan.
Others can't be used.
Please check your cell carrier's site and whether your cell is usable in Japan.
In the case of Vodafone, you have to sign up for Vodafone Passport.
Otherwise you will have a nightmare and get your Japanese customerss in trouble.

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Posted by kanaday at 10:55 PM KDT
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Thursday, 30 June 2005
Shareholder meeting
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Business

Shareholder meeting

The shareholders' meetings for the year ending March enterprise became peak in this week. 1646 listed company companies held the general meeting today.

One noticeable change at the meetings is that some proposals are voted down by the shareholders like an option to purchase defense plan.
These activities were very rare in the past shareholders' meetings.
This is new movement that individual holders strengthen to watch the management and governance of the company for their benefit.
Companies are changing slowly to adjust the western vital aggressive management.

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Posted by kanaday at 10:56 PM KDT
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Monday, 28 March 2005
Cell phone in Japan
Mood:  cool
Topic: Business

Cell Phone in Japan

Cell phone is very popular in Japan.
The function of telephone isn't good enough.
Group conference call and other business function isn't supported.

But other additional functions are completely different story.

Function Provider
Digital camera Docomo, KDDI, Vodafone,Tuka
Music distribution KDDI
Walk navigation KDDI
TV Vodafone,
TV conference Docomo, Vodafone,
Game Docomo, KDDI, Vodafone,
Electronic money Docomo
Train pass Docomo

The rental cell phone at airport doesn't have these functions.
Just phone and mail.

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Posted by kanaday at 10:57 PM JST
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Thursday, 5 August 2004
Mood:  blue
Topic: Business


The Japanese hesitates to say "No" in any business ocasion.
They normally use "we will think it." instead
If you hear this word, the deal may not be completed.
If they say " Let me talk with my boss.", it is a kind of good signal.
If they start to explain that the approval system takes long., it means they want to do business.
This is important sign from the Japanese during business meeting.

Posted by kanaday at 10:32 PM KDT
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Tuesday, 27 July 2004
Drink and Golf
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Business

Japanese Sales way

There are many sales person in Japan.
The old sales way is drinking and golfing.
In daytime, they make quotations and send bills to their clients.
After 3 o'clock they visit their customers and chat with them then invite to go to drink.
This entertainment keep the in their hands.
On weekend, the customers are invited to go golfing.
They will bet their score each other but the host never win.
It was a typical business manner in Japan.

This type of sales method doesn't work on new type of business companies, especially IT company.
They never have time for drinking and golfing.

Sales method is going to change.

Posted by kanaday at 11:41 PM KDT
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Saturday, 24 July 2004
Hot summer in Japan
Mood:  cool
Topic: Business

Survival way in hot Japan

It has been more than 30 degree in daytime in Tokyo for 19 continuous days.
It is very unusual to have such hot summer in July.
There is an article for business person about survival way in Tokyo.
Feeling temperature changes around 2 degree taking off your jacket.
And you can feel better with 2 more degree cooler taking off your tie.
It is good sense to wear fashionable shirt without a tie carrying a jacket.
Japanese government is promoting to take off a tie.

Good luck!!

Posted by kanaday at 9:48 PM KDT
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Tuesday, 6 July 2004
Monthly allowance
Mood:  blue
Topic: Business

Monthly allowance of Business man

Recent survey reported that average monthly allowance of business man is 38300 Yen.
It is the third lowest result since they started survey in 1979.
They spend 5400 Yen for cell phone bill.
650 Yen is used for lunch in average.
There is no data for business woman.
But I believe business woman has much allowance and spend more money for many goods.

Posted by kanaday at 9:36 PM KDT
Updated: Tuesday, 6 July 2004 9:37 PM KDT
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Saturday, 3 July 2004
Cell Phone in Japan
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Business

Cell Phone

Cell phone is very popular in Japan.
If you have a friend or person for business meeting, you had better to get the cell phone number in advance.
From middle higjh school students to eldery people, almost everybody has cell phone.
The cell phone number starts with 090 or 080.

Posted by kanaday at 11:51 PM KDT
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Tuesday, 1 June 2004
Broadband connection
Mood:  sad
Topic: Business
The broadband connection spreads to 15 million lines in Japan.

During your stay in your hotel, you may get a broadband Internet access.

Good hotel - 100%
Business hotel Less than 50%
Ryokan Almost zero.

If you need Internet connection, confirm the travel agency whether your hotel has BB service.

Posted by kanaday at 11:13 PM KDT
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