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What's new in Japan?
Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Internet Access in Japan Pururu is one option.
Mood:  cool
Topic: Communication
Internet Wifi Router by Pururu

Pururu is one of the option at Narita International Airport.

They have two types of Wifi Routers you can choose.

One is  from Softbank. Its lower price but there is data limit (10 GBytes/month)

Another is from AU(KDDI)

Its expensive but no data limit.

- Preparation

Make an online reservation in advance by e-mail or their quotation system.

- Pick up the Wifi Router at the Pururu shop at Narita International Airport.

 They locate at the exit after the Customs Office.

- Returning it

Put the router into the designated envelop then drop it out in a post box. Or return it at the counter where you rent it.

- Daily service fee

Flat rate  400 Japanese Yen /day for Softbank model.

- Maximum Data limit in a month

10 Gigabytes for this service.


They have another option for no limitation service for data downloading/uploading. You can use this service to send many pictures/movies for instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc without worrying about the cost of data transmission.

Flat rate 1,000 Japanese Yen /day for AU(KDDI) model.

- Transmission speed

They use LTE and 3G.


The detail information and Quotation sheet are available at the following URL:


- Note

You cant use VPN(Virtual Private Network) with this service and P2P file sharing software.

You can use the VoIP(Voice over the Internet Protocol) like Skype, Line, etc with this service.


Enjoy your connected life in Japan!

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Posted by kanaday at 9:34 PM JST
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Internet in Japan
Mood:  blue
Topic: Communication
Internet access in Japan.

Internet Access

You may think Japan is one of the Internet popular countries. In fact, it is true but for the visitors from foreign countries. There are so many Wifi signs in Japan. But these signs/logos are only for the people who has the cell phone/smart phone in Japan. If you are very connected person to the internet, it would be better to have your cell phone with international roaming service. There are three major carriers in Japan, Docomo, AU, Softbank.

If your cell phone company has the roaming service with these 3 carriers, just tell the operator to have international roaming service in Japan.

Another option is to rent a mobile router at airport.  When you are going to return to your home just bring it to the counter or mail it to post.
The price is 500 - 1000 Japanese Yen /day.

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"Most useful/Most useless travel tips in Japan"

Posted by kanaday at 10:48 PM JST
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Thursday, 10 July 2014
Wi-Fi at Asakusa, Tokyo
Mood:  cool
Topic: Communication

WI-FI at Asakusa

"Asakusa" is a popular tourist spot in Tokyo. Many tourists visit because of good location and various shops in lined ("Nakamise"). With support of the shop's association of "Asakusa", the service of free "Wi-Fi" begins. Connecting with any mobile devices such as smartphones, it is possible for you to browse the Internet around there. "Asakusa Nakamise Promoting Union" said a free Wi-Fi service is first implementation in Japan as a shopping area. To set the Wi-Fi up, you only have to register the date of birth and gender. It is very gentle with easier set-up for foreign tourists, . In order to prevent malicious use, mischief, you can connect 30 minutes per connection and up to 6 times a day. When you go to "Asakusa", it is good to remember that you can use the free Wi-fi to find a good Japanese restaurant etc. "Asakusa Nakamise" WEB site

Please visit my homepage,

"Most useful/Most useless travel tips in Japan"

Posted by kanaday at 11:23 PM KDT
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Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Cell phone for car driving?
Mood:  cool
Topic: Communication

Cell phone for car driving?

You are using cellular phone for tel-communication.
The car navigation system was begun by AU with the cellular
phone finally.
Because the driver cannot operate the cellular phone, the person in the
passenger's seat will operate it.
Even if it loses one's way, a correct road is guided because GPS has equipped.

It is a good service even though it is voice reading out only in Japanese.
This type would be desired available in foreign countries.

Please visit my homepage,

"Most useful/Most useless travel tips in Japan"

Posted by kanaday at 10:24 PM KDT
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Wednesday, 15 September 2004
Japanese English (II)
Mood:  blue
Topic: Communication

Japanese English (II)

During a conversation, you may find a strange word.
Some of them are developed in Japan.
For example, salary man.
If you ask someone, "What is your job?".
His answer might be a salaryman.
What he wants to say is "I'm an employee".

Posted by kanaday at 11:33 PM KDT
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Sunday, 12 September 2004
Japanese English (1)
Mood:  blue
Topic: Communication

Japanese English

It is sometimes difficult to communicate with Japanese in English.
Some of imported English words has been changed the meaning.

For example
Front -----> Hotel Lobby

To be continued.

Posted by kanaday at 11:39 PM KDT
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